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"I have a wish to become closer to death, to ease this discomfort that creeps around inside of me. I want to understand how I can be  be close to death and yet feel at ease in it’s company.…."




I step back through time, I land on a small island off the Irish coast. Here the wind and the sea are masters,

and people live in harmony with them. 



There is a secret here, it tells the story of how to pass on to the other side with dignity and peace. 



“When our life approached the end, we sang,

celebrating our passing to the other side.”


Old Danish text




In the past we had a close relationship to death, in my country of Denmark, people used

to honour watch over the dead. No one was to leave the body until the funeral.


Everyone came to see the dead body to say goodbye.


The link to the other side was strong and immediate, death formed part of life.


That’s all but gone…. for most of us.




But in Ireland it still happens. A wake is like a party, a time for celebration.


Even people who never knew the dead person come to pay their respect.




Shot on location in Ireland.



DEATH is as natural

as anything

around us.


which we all must enter at the end,

the question is how we enter it.

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